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New poster for The Walking Dead will give you chills, and leave you guessing

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AMC knows how to whet fans’ appetites. A newly-released collage poster for the upcoming return of The Walking Dead this February contains six images arranged in a grid pattern that the network openly reveals contains some tricky hints as to what we can expect in the new episodes.

The official poster contains nine images that were each released individually throughout the last week via The Walking Dead’s Instagram account. It showcases everything from a hand holding a cross, to a (possibly) zombified female hand, a bus, Morgan riding a horse, and, of course, Rick’s signature “don’t mess with me” glare.

In a blog entry on the AMC Website, AMC’s Shavonne Bell tempts fans to “check out each image yourself and look for clues about what’s to come.”

Of course, we know from the midseason 6 trailer that was released just before the new year that the character Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) will be introduced on-screen this season. And judging from how the first half of the season ended (spoiler alert) there’s plenty of turmoil to come now that the town of Alexandria is no more, the group is in the midst of walking through a sea of walkers, and one young boy can’t seem to keep his mouth shut.

So what can we decipher from the poster? The creepy hand looks frighteningly like it might belong to Carol. It clearly belongs to a woman wearing a watch and a necklace. Whether it’s a zombie hand, or just a really dirty one, remains to be seen. As does whose hand it is.

Hands, in fact, play a major role in the poster. We see another hand cuffed to something (or someone?), a third holding the aforementioned cross necklace, and a fourth bloody hand holding another wearing a plaid shirt. Could that be Glenn and Maggie before one of them reach their unfortunate end? Wasn’t it Aaron that was wearing a plaid shirt? Or come to think of it, it looks strikingly like the shirt Carl was wearing in the last episode. AMC is clearly being very strategic with the imagery, and having a bit of fun toying with our emotions in the process.

A storm seems to be brewing in another image (literally). Why exactly is Morgan on a horse and where is he going? And finally, the most prominent image, a closeup of Rick’s face. Why is half of his face blurred out? There’s a clear mark under his eye, as though he’s been through an awful fight, and he has the clear look of revenge and protection in his eyes.

The key tagline: A Larger World. Does that refer to plenty more people in it? Lots of zombies? Travel to a completely new destination? Chances are the answer is all three.

The midseason of The Walking Dead season 6 premieres on Valentine’s Day (Sunday, February 14) at 9/8c on AMC. Cue the popcorn and dimmed lights.

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