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What’s new on Shudder in May 2023

Horror is dominating the media landscape right now. At the movies, M3GAN rang in the new year with a bang (and a few kills), while Knock at the Cabin and Scream 6 have been #1 hits. Recently, the latest Evil Dead movie, Evil Dead Rise, premiered to better-than-expected grosses and critical notices.

Streaming is now different, with Skinamarink making waves for its quiet, creepy atmosphere and Hulu’s Clock getting widespread attention for its unique approach to horror. What better way to celebrate the genre than with Shudder, the most recognizable horror streamer around? In May 2023, their programming includes some French horror classics, new episodes of its original series Slasher: Ripper, and the debuts of the 2023 films Consecration and the Sundance hit Influencer. Summer may be upon us, but it’s always time for a good horror movie.

May 1

High Tension




May 4

Slasher: Ripper episode 6

May 5

The Last Drive-In season 3 (week 3 on Shudder TV)

May 8

Poison for the Fairies

Darker than the Night

May 11

Slasher: Ripper episode 7

May 12

Huesera: The Bone Woman

The Last Drive-In season 3 (week 4 on Shudder TV)

May 15

The Babadook

The Devil’s Doorway


May 19


Here’s an excerpt from DT”s review of the film: “What you’re left with is a confused climax that wastes all of the goodwill that was built up at the beginning. Smith clearly is influenced by horror movies of the past, and it’s not too much of a stretch to believe that Consecration could have joined The Wicker Man and Midsommar as classics in the ‘isolated community horror’ subgenre.

But the story lets all involved down by being unfocused and unsure of what it wants to be. What was initially promised as a deep exploration of the violent nature of faith, or even a high-class copy of The Omen, turns out to be a whole lot of hokum. I’m usually fine with that, but it has to be backed by a confidence in what the movie is trying to do. That’s what is missing in Consecration, and that’s a sin even God can’t forgive.”

May 21

Fangoria Chainsaw Awards

May 22

In Their Skin

May 26


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