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Which Star Wars character are you? Spotify’s Star Wars Match has the answer

spotify star wars character musical match han solo
In an effort to remind those who have been living under a rock (or possibly a massive boulder) for the past six months that a new Star Wars film comes out this week, Disney has partnered with Spotify to add a special new feature to its music streaming app, called Star Wars Match. Using Spotify’s grand archive of data on your listening habits, the clever feature allows the company to analyze your go-to musical choices, and then tell you which Star Wars character best embodies your musical taste.

Once a match to a character is made, you can then click a link that allows you to listen to a playlist of songs curated by the company with that character in mind. If you’d like to explore all characters, it’s as easy as clicking on the Star Wars tab and then clicking “public playlists.”

“Pro-tip, if you listen to a lot of ’80s hair metal then you will probably get Chewbacca,” reads the description on the company’s website.

Most of the songs are fairly close to what you would expect for each character. The Han Solo playlist, for instance, includes classic rock selections like Creedence Clearwater Revival (he’s a no frills kinda guy, afterall), while C3PO gets a dose of classical music, and Mace Windu (Samuel L’s character) is almost all conscious hip-hop — with the seemingly random inclusion of the Creed-ified Shinedown song, Second Chance(What?)

Jar Jar Binks is notoriously absent from the feature, and doesn’t even get a playlist. Poor little CGI alien — how’d you like to be responsible for almost killing the best franchise ever?

For now, Spotify users are likely to know more about some character’s taste in music than others, as most of us are relatively unfamiliar with the personalities of the newer characters, which have yet to make their debut in The Force Awakens for the publicBut it is worth noting that, as a rule, members of the Digital Trends staff who got Finn had a high penchant for indie rock than other genres.

Thanks to the musical insights, the new feature makes for a good way for the spoiler-averse to learn more about the new characters before seeing them on screen when Star Wars: The Force Awakens hits theaters later this week.

And checking out the playlists — which are more of a fun distraction than anything — might be worth it just for the play bar on the bottom of the app, which shows a glowing lightsaber that gets larger as each song passes.

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