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Weezer releases new single and cannoli-filled music video

Weezer - Thank God for Girls
Weezer’s back with a new song … and a whole lot of cannoli pastries. Released Sunday, Thank God for Girls is the band’s first single since 2014 when they dropped the album Everything Will Be Alright in the End. With the new song came a new music video — one that mixes religion and pastries together in possibly (and hopefully) never-before-seen ways.

The catchy song, as usual, features Rivers Cuomo’s distinct vocals, and he even ventures into a spoken word intro, despite admitting on the band’s Facebook page that “rapped out sections” aren’t something he’s a huge fan of. Nonetheless, he loves the single, calling it, “a perfect mix of Weezer past and future” and adding that “it rocks sooooo [sic] hard.” He has even bravely predicted that it will be a big hit.

The music video is as quirky as fans have come to expect. It features a man rocking Jesus-like long hair who is eating and literally destroying a massive plate of cannoli. It’s messy, at times suggestive, and consistently bizarre. Meanwhile, a photo of Jesus hangs over the man’s shoulder, fitting with the song’s equally strange lyrics, which include an interesting new take on the story of God taking the rib from Adam.

The band promoted the song on Twitter and even integrated the Pope into the campaign.

As far as we know so far, Thank God for Girls is just a single; no plans for a new album have been announced. However, in the same post on Facebook, Cuomo did tease “more to come very soon!” It’s unclear just how much more, but at the very least, fans can thank Weezer (and God) for the new single.

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