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Ampere’s Shower Power Speaker is completely powered by the flow of water

For some people, listening to music in the shower is part of their daily routine. But listening to Spotify from your phone on the bathroom counter does not make for a great shower concert. To help solve this dilemma, Ampere today launched Shower Power on Kickstarter. This speaker attaches easily to almost any showerhead and is powered by the flow of water running through it. That means there’s no need for a battery and no end to the music.

Something interesting to note is that Shower Power is made with 100% recycled ocean plastic, so you don’t have to worry about potentially adding to the plastic problem the ocean faces.

The Shower Power features a small propeller inside the showerhead. When water flows through it, the propeller spins and powers a miniature generator that charges the battery. The shower doesn’t have to be on for the speaker to work, however. On a full charge, you can expect up to 16 hours of battery life, so you can keep the music going even when you’re out of the shower and getting ready for the rest of your day.

Ampere also put a lot of focus on sound quality. The Shower Power uses a proprietary Sound Wave amplifier that plays music 360 degrees around the speaker, delivering even. full-room sound despite coming from the shower. If a song comes up that you don’t like, you can skip it with the push of a button found on the showerhead. You can also play and pause tracks this way. If you finish your shower and want to keep listening, the Shower Power comes with a waterproof remote control so you can control your music from outside the shower.

The speaker is small and lightweight. It can be installed by anyone, even if you don’t have a lot of experience working with plumbing.

Shower Power is available now on Kickstarter for an early bird price of $59. Once fully available, it will retail for $99.  The Shower Power speaker will soon be available for pre-order directly from the Ampere site, and Ampere plans to begin shipping the speaker in January. If you’re interested, take a look for yourself — but be mindful that committing money to a crowdfunding campaign is not a guarantee of delivery.

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