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You can now meet and adopt an adorable shelter dog via Zoom

Zoom meetings have become the new norm among employees working at home to avoid the COVID-19 pandemic, but you can now videoconference with adoptable (and adorable) shelter dogs.

Dog food brand Pedigree will now allow people to use Zoom as a virtual venue for people to meet their new best friend while staying indoors.

While it has its fair share of problems and its privacy practices have been questioned, Zoom remains among the most popular tools for work-from-home setups.

Pedigree's Dogs on Zoom

Pedigree’s Dogs on Zoom program utilizes the app to showcase shelter dogs for people looking to take one home. With multiple people able to join the Zoom meetings, the dogs are given more chances to be noticed. Interested adopters will be able to ask the shelter handlers questions to help them choose the best dog to welcome into their families.

Dogs on Zoom

“It will be the best Zoom meeting you have all day,” according to Pedigree, and it will be pretty hard to argue against that.

The program’s page on Pedigree’s website highlights a featured shelter, currently the Nashville Humane Association, which will drop off the adopted dogs to their new families. The page lists the schedules for the Zoom meetings with the dogs for adoption, as well as details on the shelter, how to donate to it, and how to apply to give one of the featured dogs a home.

Pedigree, which will pay for all the adoption fees for dogs featured on Dogs on Zoom, will partner with more shelters soon.

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