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Simple conversion kit can turn your ATV into an all-terrain snowmobile

A few weeks back we told you about an exciting new event that had just debuted at the X Games called snow bikecross. The sport pits racers against one another on a tight, twisty track while riding special machines that are equal parts snowmobile and dirt bike. Most of the vehicles that took part in the race are actually motocross bikes that have been converted for use in the snow using a special kit designed by a company called Timbersled. Now, ATV riders can get a similar conversion kit of their own, allowing them to convert their four-wheeled off-road machines into snow-ready tanks built for winter backcountry riding.

The new Can-Am Apache Backcountry Track System was designed specifically for use with the company’s own line of ATVs. The conversion kit purportedly requires just 20 minutes to install, quickly turning an all-terrain vehicle into one that is better equipped to handle deep snow. Can-Am says that the system was designed to provide plenty of ground clearance and give the ATV the ability to “float” through powder, both of which are essential characteristics for using the vehicles during the winter.

What helps separate the Apache Track System from similar products on the market is that it was built with a highly efficient frame and rail design. This helps to evenly spread out the weight of the ATV, which is responsible for its increased flotation in deep snow. That flotation allows the vehicle to remain stable and continue moving forward, even when buried in powder up to its fender. The conversion kit is also the only one that offers 13.5-inch tracks on the front and 14-inch treads in the rear too, which ultimately translates to more surface area and better all around traction.

Unfortunately, ATV riders looking to have a similar winter off-road experience as their snow bike brethren will have to wait a bit longer. The Can-Am Apache Backcountry Track System isn’t expected to start shipping until this fall, at which time it will carry an MSRP of $5,400.

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