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Caply is a voice-controlled camera that can go with you anywhere

Caply — The World's Most Durable Action Camera by Caply — Kickstarter
Your greatest adventures deserve your greatest camera lens, but you can’t be expected to take your fancy DSLR with you when you’re climbing a steep mountain or navigating a rushing fjord. After all, a bulky camera will only weigh you down and hold you up — and it’s not as though you’ll have your hands free for long enough to take photos anyway when you’re truly engaged in exciting outdoor activities.

But just because you can’t take your camera on your trip doesn’t mean you won’t have a way to capture photos — meet Caply, heralded as the world’s most durable action camera.

Capable of continuously recording more than five hours of video, the Caply is a tiny wearable device no larger than a tube of lipstick. That means that you can clip it onto your pack, your hat, or just about anywhere else with a good vantage point, and let the little camera do the rest.

“Designed to go the distance and accompany you on all of life’s adventures,” as per Caply’s Kickstarter page, the wearable device claims a custom battery design that allows the device to last up to five hours on non-stop record, 24 hours on time-lapse record, and 120 hours on standby mode. Moreover, Caply purports to support 128GB of data internally, so even if you’re going on a long trip, you can take quite a few photos or record quite a bit of footage.

Thanks to the device’s assistive touch and voice control features, you don’t have to do much work to begin capturing memories. Rather than relying on a button, Caply allows you to simply swipe or tap the device to take photos or record video. Tap once to take a photo, or twice to start recording. If you’re looking to swipe, you’ll only need to swipe upward to record 10 seconds of video, or downwards to begin time-lapse recording.

Alternatively, if you’re within 10 meters of the camera, you can talk to Caply to get it to jump into action. With 52 days left in its campaign, Caply has already surpassed its Kickstarter funding goal, raising over $55,000. Backers pledging $89 ought to receive a Caply by June 2018.

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