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Cirkul water bottle is a versatile alternative to Gatorade for athletes

Cirkul Transform Your Water
We all know that we need to drink water, especially when exercising, but how many of us hydrate ourselves properly? What often gets in the way of hydration is the bland taste of water and how hard it is to flavor it correctly. Cirkul wants to remove this barrier with its innovative new water bottle that allows you to add flavoring and dial in the amount that suits your taste buds.

The feature that sets the Cirkul water bottle apart from the competition is the flavor dial. Want an intense flavor? Turn the dial up. Want just a hint of flavor? Then turn the dial down to suit your personal preferences. It is entirely adjustable, allowing you the change the flavor at will, even in between sips. To deliver its flavor, the Cirkul uses a flavor cartridge, called a Cirkul Sip — that you insert into the lid portion of the bottle.

The water flows through the cartridge providing a dose of sugar-free, zero-calorie flavor with each sip. No mixing or stirring is required. The water bottle is designed with a one-way valve that contains the flavor in the cap and prevents it from mixing with the rest of the bottle’s contents. The water inside the bottle stays clean and the bottle itself won’t pick up any unfavorable flavors.

The company has several varieties of stevia-sweetened cartridges, including the vitamin B-enriched LifeSip, an electrolyte-infused, FitSip and the caffeinated GoSip. Flavors are mostly traditional with options like sweet tea & lemon, raspberry lemonade, black cherry, and more. Each cartridge can flavor the equivalent of four 20-ounce bottles, allowing users to refill the 22-ounce bottle multiples times without replacing the cartridge.

A plastic version of the Cirkul water bottle is being sold for $32 via IndieGoGo, while the metal version will cost $45. Each Cirkul bottle includes eight flavor cartridges. Additional cartridges will be available from the company’s storefront with prices starting at $24 for an 8-pack. Cirkul will ship starting its water bottles in September 2017.

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