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The Fuoripista exercise bike may be more fun to look at than to ride

Most home exercise machines are purchased in the heat of a motivational moment and, in many cases, are little used or not at all. After a while, the bikes, step machines, treadmills, and ellipticals are relegated to back corners, garages, basements, or folded up and put under a bed. Milan’s Adriano Design has the answer to single-purpose workout gear. The studio’s Fuoripista will never be tucked away because it doubles as sculpture.

Assuming you were the lucky owner of this one-of-a-kind collection piece, even if you never turned the pedals one time, the gorgeous design would command a place of honor. Fuoripista, according to Adriano Design, is about desire and passion.

“Fuoripista represents a new way of interpreting a fitness accessory, no longer gym exclusive but so beautiful that becomes an object of desire, to show off, to praise, one you would ride with pride and joy. A dream machine along with you would ride away some of the most spectacular cycling routes in the world, virtualised on a tablet mounted on its front.”

Depending on the angle from which you view it, the bike can look like a proud and defiant bull. It’s also not Adriano Design’s first rodeo in reimagining home entertainment pieces. Past designs include the Teckell foosball table, the Filotto pool table, and the Lungolinea ping pong table.

Fuoripista is shown as one of a collection displayed in a celebration of SalonSatellite’s 20th year. SalonSatellite is an annual opportunity for young designers to show their work to manufacturers and talent scouts.

Clearly, Adriano Design’s emotional concept for the home exercise bike goes in a different direction than sweating it out while you crank away the miles to a heavy metal playlist. “Fuoripista allows to enjoy a (riding) passion in full and without a compromise, with extremely performant technologies which you won’t have to hide under the bed, in the closet nor the basement, on the contrary, it gives a pleasure in every place it is displayed.”

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