Cringe or crave? 6 over-the-top glamping options

Depending on your view, glamping is either a fun type of vacation or the worst portmanteau ever. The combination of the words “glamor” and “camping,” it describes an outdoor adventure without actually getting dirty. Oftentimes, glamping is used to described what are essentially resort hotels with a camping or outdoors theme, but it could describe any sort of luxury camping where comfort and convenience are priorities over being one with nature – you know, why you want to go camping in the first place. If you insist of having a comfy bed, multi-burner camping stove, power to charge your laptop, or Wi-Fi to check your mail, you’re a glamper.

True backpackers would scoff at these amenities, but then again, few people know how to properly set up camp in the wild. Inexperienced campers could find themselves at risk of fires, carbon monoxide poisoning, or other injuries. In that view, glamping may not be such a bad idea after all.

One thing is for certain: Glamping isn’t usually cheap, but you don’t have to deal with finding drinking water and heat, mosquitos, hypothermia, or any other life-threatening obstacles. No, don’t call yourself an adventurer, but you’ll probably get a good night’s sleep.

While our Portland-based crew prefers the real thing, Digital Trends’ New York City staffers aren’t as audacious. Here are five of our favorite options for camping without the dirt.

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