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Whether for work or play, today’s traveler needs to stay connected – even at 40,000 feet. From smart hotel rooms to in-flight Wi-Fi, we explore the latest technologies designed to help the modern-day traveler feel at home. We also look at cutting-edge tech that’s changing today’s travel, as well as products, services, and solutions that enhance your time away.

The best travel cameras for 2020

From rugged point-and-shoots to advanced mirrorless models, here are the best cameras for your next vacation.
Sony RX100 VI review

How to take your own passport photo

Passport photos look basic but must adhere to a long list of rules. Luckily, mobile apps and A.I. can help.
how to take a passport photo

Royal Caribbean turns to AR, VR to help visualize its new private island project

To launch its new Perfect Day private island in the Bahamas, Royal Caribbean created AR and VR demos to help people visualize what it would look and feel like, before it opens in 2019.

How to find cheap flights

Booking plane tickets online is easy, but finding the absolute cheapest airfare requires a little extra work. Try these online resources, tips, and tricks from an experienced traveler.
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