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how to avoid roaming fees when traveling abroad now boarding 040516

How to dodge roaming fees and still stay connected abroad

10 famous movie locations you can actually visit marriott marquis atlanta

10 otherworldly movie locales you can visit in real life without a spaceship

obnoxious airline passenger bad passengers

Don’t be that guy: 6 unbelievable tales of fliers behaving badly

Check out some of the more ridiculous moments of fliers acting badly in recent airline passenger history.
kp duffle bag 1

Humble duffel bag gets reinvented for modern, tech-savvy business travelers

Los Angeles-based design firm, Keep Pursuing, has taken on the challenge of reinventing the lowly duffel bag for tech-savvy travelers.
now boarding jetblue updates old planes with new seats air force one gets upgrade a320 2

Now Boarding: JetBlue updates old planes with new seats, Air Force One gets upgrade

gogo 2ku inflight wifi 70mbps 4

Gogo’s next-gen inflight Wi-Fi is fast enough to stream Netflix and Spotify simultaneously

Inflight Wi-Fi service provider Gogo demonstrated its 2Ku technology's ability to offer faster Wi-Fi, allowing for multiple streams of content.
with drones as filmmakers these ski resorts let you leave camera at home cape productions drone

With drones as filmmakers, these ski resorts let you leave camera at home

While drones are banned from most ski resorts, Cape Productions has been authorized to provide drone video service at select resorts.
google trends spelling english dictionary

Mancunian or Cockney? British Airways survey finds few can tell the difference

Mancunian or Cockney? British Airways survey find that few can tell the difference
us airways makes final flight a330 air to over mts

As US Airways flies into sunset, here’s a look back at its innovations

As US Airways makes it final flight on October 16, we take a look back at the carrier's innovation legacy.
best gear for sleeping on plane trains and buses rumpl puffy  65

Get comfy in that coach seat with the best gear for long-haul travel

survey reveals future of travel from vr to space now boarding 092615

Holograms! Space! The future of travel you imagine much closer than you think

best airplane paint jobs jetblue binary

Pimp my flight: 7 crazy paint schemes that make these planes pop

for its latest experiment in virtual travel marriott looks to samsungs gear vr vroom service

For its latest experiment in virtual travel, Marriott looks to Samsung’s Gear VR

Marriott continues to experiment with virtual travel. Its latest project is a collaboration with Samsung that uses the Gear VR headset.

8 restaurants going high tech with tablets, robots, and liquid nitrogen

Now Boarding

Want to fly to North Korea’s shiny new airport? No you don’t. But here’s how

best airports for layovers changi airport driveway to terminal 4 departure kerbside

8 airports that make layovers fun with pools, theaters, gardens and more

boeing 3d printed ice 787

Clean air, dirty screens, hidden outlets, and more little-known air travel secrets

residence inn blippar bring augmented reality to hotels mix 1302

To lure millennials, Residence Inn uses booze, food trucks, and augmented reality

Hotel company Residence Inn is experimenting with mobile-based augmented reality from Blippar to add interactive experiences for younger, tech-savvy guests.
Rebel Aero Seat

Airplane seat concepts so absurd, pray now that they never get made

Now Boarding In-Flight Entertainment

5 airplane entertainment systems that will make you forget you’re flying coach

Kennedy Space Center

Visit while you can: 7 fading tech destinations that may disappear forever

Ampere Ferry Norway

From maglev trains to electric ferries, the best high-tech transit around the world

Virtual Travel

Get away without getting up: 9 gorgeous travel sites for the armchair globetrotter

B/E Aerospace Solar Eclipse

8 clever airplane concepts we hope to see on a future flight

hotels arent putting up with orbitz and expedia anymore hotel apps

These next-gen hotel apps let you pick your room, unlock it, order meals and more

new coach seat designs for planes a380 feature

As coach seats shrink, these new designs could save your sanity

european union roaming charges wholesale cap news avoid fees and stay connected with these gadgets

Going somewhere? Pack these gadgets with your passport to stay connected abroad

Tech in museums

Van Gogh vs. Candy Crush: How museums are fighting tech with tech to win your eyes

check into the futuristic hotels that push technology beyond free wi fi peninsula hotel tablet

Check into the futuristic hotels that push technology beyond free Wi-Fi

For tech-savvy travelers that want to stay at a hotel that’s as geeky as they are, check out some of our favorites.
att roaming service cuba havana sunset

Airbnb now lets you rent rooms in Cuba, but hospitality industry has ways to go

Airbnb is expanding its operations to Cuba, but faces a number of legislative and infrastructural barriers.
boeings latest idea to help you sleep better on planes sleeping

Boeing patent promises a comfortable sleep at 30,000 feet

If you've ever felt the frustration of trying to sleep on an airplane, take a look at a new patent filed by Boeing -- it's crazy, but it just might work.
Bluesmart smart luggage

From pocket projectors to inflatable luggage, travel gadgets just got smarter

watch a plane get put together in few minutes with these time lapse videos airplane

Watch a plane get put together in a few minutes in our favorite time-lapse videos

These awesome time-lapse videos make the boredom of air travel actually enjoyable.
victor private jet charters charter feature

Like Uber for private jets, Victor makes the old way to book look like coach