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Klean Kanteen takes its commitment to the Earth even further with Klean Coat

Klean Kanteen
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Can you really call yourself a responsible lover of planet Earth if a Klean Kanteen water bottle isn’t one of your possessions? Now, if you really want to flaunt your eco-friendly credentials, you may just have to get a Klean Kanteen outfitted with the company’s new Klean Coat. Now available on the entire 2018 lineup of the company’s products, Klean Coat is a chip-resistant, durable powder coat finish that was developed using an advanced chemical hazard assessment tool called GreenScreen for Safer Chemicals. This new coating, the company says, continues Klean Kanteen’s commitment to environmental and socially responsible design and manufacturing processes.

The Klean Coat is available in a wide palette of colors, all of which are inspired by nature and our surroundings. But the real draw isn’t the aesthetics — in creating Klean Coat, the 14-year-old firm used GreenScreen to score their materials in terms of safety. Ingredients that were not deemed friendly enough for contact with both people and the environment were not used.

“Klean’s interest in connections between business and the environment drives our thinking and our practice,” said Danielle Cresswell, the company’s sustainability manager. Offering Klean Coat as an example, she added, “The original finish on our Kanteens worked well, but over time we noticed the rough and tumble life our bottles lead could diminish the integrity of the coating and result in premature replacement. This didn’t sit well with us; the environmental demand to make a Kanteen is not excessive but also not insignificant, especially when considering annual production volumes.”

As such, in order to reduce the amount of inventory folks would buy (not something companies do often!), Klean set out to make their product longer lasting. After all, Cresswell said, “More frequent replacement means more Kanteens being produced than necessary to displace a lifetime of single-use plastic.” The result was Klean Coat, and the Klean team believes that it’s one of the most beautiful, durable, and environmentally friendly formulas in the planet.

“We are more committed than ever to measuring what matters most and reducing our impact on the environment,” said Klean Kanteen president and CEO Jim Osgood. “In the years ahead, we hope that Klean’s work with GreenScreen will encourage other manufacturers to make the selection of product materials in the interest of human and environmental health a standard operating procedure.”

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