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The Vya smart bike lights will keep you safer and illuminated on the road

As more and more cyclists join the bike commuting movement, they’re also looking for ways to stay safer and more visible out on the road. Bright, eye-catching lights on the front and rear of the bike can easily solve that problem, but finding the right lights to suit your needs can sometimes be a challenge. Fortunately, Light and Motion is looking to take the guesswork out of that process with a new line of products that offer a surprising amount of features at affordable prices.

Light and Motion took the wraps off its new Vya bike lights as this week’s Sea Otter Classic bike festival held in Monterey, California. The entire line consists of four different models, with two head lights and two taillights being introduced. Each of those models includes a set of smart sensors that completely eliminate the need for an on/off switch. Instead, they automatically detect when the bike is in motion and turn themselves on as a result. When a rider comes to a halt, there is a delay before the light switches itself off again, which allows it to stay illuminated while sitting at a stoplight.

Additionally, the lights also have a built-in ambient light sensor that can detect if it is day or night and adjust output accordingly. At night, the Vya will activate a bright, wide beam to help illuminate the road and make riders easier to spot by oncoming traffic. During the day, the light will switch into “SafePule” mode, producing a scientifically developed light pattern that improves driver awareness of the cyclists without disrupting their depth perception in any way. This makes it much easier for traffic to safely pass the cyclists.

Light & Motion Vya bike lights

When designing these new bike lights, Light and Motion developed a new sustainable overmold technology that is made from plant-based materials rather than plastic or metal. This allows the Vya lights to be up to 50 percent smaller than similar options already on the market. That not only makes them easier to mount on a bike but also easier to carry around with you when you reach your destination.

The new models include the Vya Pro Headlight, which offers 200 lumens of light and two to six hours of runtime and is priced at $50. The standard Vya Headlight provides 100 lumens of light and 10-hour runtime for $40. The Vya Pro Taillight has a six-hour burn time and gives off 100 lumens, with a price tag of $60. Finally, the standard Vya Taillight has 50 lumens of light in eight-hour runtime for $40.

Find out more at the Light and Motion website.

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