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High fashion meets the outdoors in this $2,500 North Face jacket

Iconic outdoor brand The North Face joined forces with designer Junya Watanabe and trendy Japanese fashion label Comme des Garçons to create a unique new jacket built for the outdoors. Dubbed the Terra 65, the jacket derives its name from a popular backpack in The North Face catalog and includes a number of features that help it stand out from the competition, not the least of which is its $2,500-plus price tag.

Made from three-layer Gore-Tex Windstopper fabrics, the jacket is designed to keep its wearer protected from the elements. The Terra 65 is not only wind and waterproof, but it also serves as the outer shell in a layering system to provide warmth too. Other features include an adjustable hood and hem, and a collar and elbows that are reinforced with durable corduroy.

The jacket’s design incorporates numerous pockets that are perfect for storing important items like a smartphone or car keys, while also providing some warmth for the hands on a cold day. But for those who demand even more onboard storage, Watanabe has cleverly integrated a backpack into the jacket as well. The daypack-sized bag is sewn directly on to the back of the jacket, making it a permanent part of the garment, and while it doesn’t provide 65 liters of carrying capacity like its namesake backpack, there is still ample space for hauling around plenty of extra gear.

The North Face Terra 65 Jacket

While not necessarily a staple in the U.S., Watanabe has been a trend-setter in the Japanese fashion scene for decades. He is known for pushing the envelope in terms of creating unique products in terms of both form and functionality. He also enjoys using technical synthetic fabrics to improve overall performance. In the case of the Terra 65 that meant not only incorporating a Gore-Tex liner, but blending Nylon and Polyester as well.

It isn’t often that The North Face dips into the world of high fashion and it is easy to understand why. This collaboration between the outdoor brand and Watanabe, working in conjunction with Comme des Carçons, has resulted in an intriguing product, but a costly one as well. The jacket will only have a limited manufacturing run, making it difficult to obtain. Because of this, the price tag will top out at $2,548, putting it well out of the price range of most outdoor enthusiasts.

If it makes you feel any better, a good North Face jacket and daypack will cost a whole lot less, and you won’t have to take the jacket off to get to the inside of the pack either. But, if you absolutely must have a Terra 65 jacket of your own, they are available now online.

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