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PAL is your new nighttime friend — a lantern, headlamp, and bike light in one

pal portable adaptive lighting pal1
Do you have a drawer full of lighting accessories you use on an occasional basis? The problem with specific devices is that they’re only pulled out when needed. Enter PAL — portable adaptive lighting — a single device that serves for all of your lighting needs.

Rather than carry a bike light, a head lamp, and a lantern down urban streets or into the backcountry, you can just bring PAL. This powerful and durable product is designed to be paired with accessories and used across a variety of applications, so that you only need to bring one light with you wherever you go. Whether you’re using it inside, in your backyard, or out in nature, the founders of PAL designed the product to operate among the best in class.

PAL’s innovation begins with its modular connection, which allows for one-handed operation. The product features smooth and simple transitioning between devices allocated by an electrical, magnetic, and mechanical connection. Electrical points are built in to the tongue, providing for “power coupling” between PAL and all of its accessories. Extended battery life is provided by PAL’s accessories, serving to double battery power or charge external devices. A double tongue and slot design provides for a strong mechanical connection and opposing magnetic poles rotate PAL and help lock it into place.

Rather than fiddling with a single button, PAL’s designers created four different buttons, each with a separate purpose. One button transitions between three different levels of brightness, another operates the flood/spot options, the third serves for an SOS mode, and the fourth is a simple on/off button. PAL is supplied with three powerful Cree XP-L LEDs that deliver up to 350 lumens of brightness. The product is designed to provide for up to 15 hours of continuous light and can easily be charged with a wall mount — no more dead or rusted batteries. The device is water and shock resistant so that it can withstand the rigors of the outdoors.

Currently, PAL can be paired with a headlamp mount, bike mount, combination flashlight handle/power pack, lantern, and task light mount — and the innovators continue to seek out more applications. You can purchase PAL (without accessories) for a pledge of $90 on the company’s Kickstarter campaign page.

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