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Puma creates infinite lacing styles with new Netfit technology

No matter the brand of athletic shoe, countless models are released each year to accommodate every kind of foot. Minor variations in the arch, sole, upper, and laces can completely change a shoe’s performance. In an innovative approach, Puma has created a system that allows owners to customize the fit themselves.

Netfit is a new lacing system that drastically reduces the need for variant models. In one shoe, this new system offers near infinite performance and style options. With a netted mesh exterior, users have gained complete control over how they lace up.

The uppers of Puma’s new shoes combine a high-grade engineered net with form-fitting base materials. This allows owners to lace their shoes however they see fit to match their style, needs, or shape. Netfit is coming to several sports and performance shoes for the track, gym, or street.

To start people off, Puma has provided five different lacing options. Standard lacing is meant for runners that require minimal support. Stability lacing provides runners with additional medial support. Runners with wider feet that need room to breath can use Wide Foot lacing. Those with the opposite problem can try Narrow Foot lacing. Heel Support lacing provides runners with a tight fit around the heel. These five options are just a jumping off point. Runners can continue to customize and refine their own lacing style.

According to Puma, Usain Bolt will be wearing shoes with Netfit as part of his training for the World Championships in London. “I do a lot of training — sometimes a bit too much — and it’s always different,” said Bolt. “Sometimes I’m doing power work, and then sometimes it’s speed and agility work, so it’s important to have a shoe that’s flexible enough to do the right exercise.”

Puma Netfit Technology has officially launched with the Speed Ignite Netfit for $140. Later this month, Puma will release the 365 evoKnit Netfit. In June, the line will expand to include Ignite Netfit and Tsugi Netfit. Many more models are coming later this summer.

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