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This Riese and Müller Delite ebike is built for riding on and off the road

As ebikes continue to evolve, we are starting to see a number of hybrid models hit the market in response to the changing needs of riders. A good example of this is the Delite from Riese and Müller, which has been built for riding both on and off the road. With its sturdy construction, rugged components, and versatile design, the Delite promises to be the SUV of the electric bike market, potentially delivering a more versatile option to the cycling community.

Available in 10 models, the Delite can be customized to fit the specific needs of individual riders. But each of those models shares similar characteristics that make them an attractive option for touring cyclists, especially. For instance, the bike is equipped with a full suspension, which means it not only has a shock-absorbing front fork, but a second suspension on the frame itself. This helps to provide a better all-around riding experience on both smooth and rough surfaces, making the transition from road to trail and back again an easy one.

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Other interesting features include a Bosch Performance CX drive system that can reportedly offer pedal assist of up to 15 mph, with the option to upgrade to a more robust electric motor that increases that speed to as much as 28 mph. Both versions of the drive are powered by a 500 Wh battery with a range of more than 50 miles on the lowest pedal-assist settings. The option of adding a second battery brings that range up to 100 miles, putting the Delite ahead of its competition. Some versions of the Delite even feature a Gates Carbon belt system that eliminates the standard bike chain altogether and replaces it with a much more durable model that removes the need for a belt tensioner completely.

Other components include Shimano gears and disc brakes, 27.5-inch Schwalbe tires, Novatec hubs, and a Bosch digital display monitoring speed and battery life. All editions of the ebike come equipped with a headlight and a luggage rack designed to carry important gear safely and securely over rough terrain. A built-in bike lock and cageless bottle holders are also part of the design as well.

Prices range from $4,600 to $6,130 depending on the particular model and options installed. Find out more at

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