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Say goodbye to cold, wet hands and feet with the Showers Pass Crosspoint line

Cold, wet feet and hands can ruin anyone’s day. Whether you’re mountain biking or backpacking through the wilderness, river and stream crossings are unavoidable. The development of waterproof breathable membranes for boots and shoes provide substantial protection from the elements but does not eliminate wet feet when the water seeps in from the top or splashes down your ankle. It’s hard to wear thick, waterproof gloves when you’re performing outdoors — so most people opt for thin liners — which result in cold, wet hands in inclement weather. Showers Pass has come up with the perfect solution: Crosspoint Waterproof Gloves and Socks.

Showers Pass is based out of the Pacific Northwest, where wet weather is a part of life — so it’s an expert in the field. The lightweight characteristic of the company’s new lineup ensures ultimate dexterity when performing outdoor activities, but still provides for protection from the elements. The Crosspoint line includes completely waterproof products made with three bonded layers. The exterior layer is comprised of knit material, providing for abrasion resistance. The highlight feature is the seamless waterproof breathable Artex membrane which keeps water out while allowing perspiration to escape. A Coolmax FX moisture-wicking antibacterial knit lining provides for odor resistance and an integrated silicone layer on the palm allows you to easily grasp handlebars or pick up objects, even when wet.

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The outside layer of the Crosspoint products is a blend of nylon, polyester, and spandex, ensuring a comfortable, snug fit. The waterproof layer is constructed of 100 percent polyurethane while the next-to-skin layer is a blend of Coolmax, polyester, spandex, and nylon. The socks include a reinforced heel and toe for durability. The Crosspoint line also offers waterproof socks with a merino wool liner for extra warmth in cooler temperatures.

Because of their light weight and ergonomic fit, these socks and gloves are ideal for any kind of outdoor activity, including cycling, running, hiking, fishing, and snow sports. The lightweight waterproof socks are available in neon, pink, forest camo, gray camo, black, and gray colors and come in sizes S/M through XXL. The Crosspoint knit waterproof gloves are available in black, neon gray, and safety orange colors, and come in sizes S/M through L/XL.

The Crosspoint lightweight waterproof socks retail for $34 for the solid colors and $36 for the camo colors. The Crosspoint knit waterproof gloves retail for $45. Everything can be purchased on the Showers Pass website.

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