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Traeger Timberline lets you keep grilling while you’re on your couch chilling

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With spring officially here and summer just around the corner, Traeger has launched its Timberline grill, featuring the snappily named WiFire technology. As the name suggests, the Timberline is Wi-Fi-enabled, which means that your smart home technology can now be expanded outside the house onto your backyard patio or deck.

WiFire is more than just a fancy name for a wireless feature; it also includes the ability to change the temperature, increase smoke, setting timers, or reference graphic visuals — all with the Traeger App for iOS and Android that was designed in-house. Yes, this does mean that you can monitor and control your grilling all from your couch with beer in hand while watching the game. Isn’t technology grand?

What happens if your wireless network goes down in the middle of an epic grill session? Then you’ll have to do things the old-fashioned way and control it directly on the Timberline, a Traeger spokesperson confirmed to Digital Trends.

You’ll be able to control temperatures from 165 degrees F to 500 degrees F at 5-degree increments, making for an exceptionally precise cooking environment. In terms of more traditional features, the Timberline has a double-wall, commercial-grade stainless steel interior.

For that smoky flavor, thanks to the wood pellet system, the Timberline can create smoke profiles from 165 degrees F to 220 degrees F. Traeger’s Tru Convection system claims to create a “vortex of heat and smoke spinning in the barrel to cook foods up to 20 percent faster while imparting smoky flavor and locking in moisture.”

In fact, smoke lovers may want to take a second look at the Timberline even if they’re not interested in any of the wireless technology. “Timberline’s brand new patent pending approach to smoke science not only creates more smoke, but crafts the paramount standard of smoke — blue smoke,” said the Traeger representative, adding that the new grill can create smoke profiles from 165 degrees F to 220 degrees F.

The Timberline comes in two models: Timberline 850 and 1300, the numbers denoting the square inches of cooking space. In addition, Traeger says that its vertical height puts the Timberline at the top of its class in terms of flexibility. All that space and technology comes at a cost though, at $1,699 and $1,999 respectfully for the 850 and 1300.

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