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Fix your running stride with the new shoe by Vivobarefoot and Sensoria

For many runners, there is no substitute for barefoot shoes, which provide the most natural running experience. Smart running shoes have yet to catch up to this market, but a new collaboration between Sensoria and Vivobarefoot is about to change that.

Sensoria is one of the leading developers of wearable smart technology. By integrating its Sensoria Core sensors into Vivobarefoot’s already successful running shoes, they have made them even better.

An incorrect running form can be detrimental to your foot. According to Harvard University professor Daniel Lieberman, it’s like getting hit by a sledgehammer a thousand times per mile underneath the foot. Rather than remedying the problem with running shoes that change the way your foot strikes, this new shoe will show every movement in real time. Speed, pace, cadence, GPS tracking, foot landing technique, time on the ground, impact score, and eventually asymmetry and toe engagement will all be measured and recorded.

“These are all important metrics to monitor natural running and reduce the risk of injury,” said Davide Vigano, co-founder and CEO of Sensoria. “Sensoria Core helps the industry and academic researchers around the world learn more about how to improve running form.”

Powering the shoe are two removable Sensoria Cores. Each one is connected to four pressure sensors in the sole of the shoe. These are then used to detect how the foot impacts the pavement with incredible precision. By connecting the shoe to the upcoming Sensoria Run 2.0 app on your iPhone, a step-by-step running transition training plan can be created with artificial intelligence. Real-time audio and visual information can direct you toward proper running form.

“The state of natural movement in the west has been undermined by padded shoes and chairs,” said Galahad Clark, CEO and founder of Vivobarefoot. “Most people can’t even stand with their big toes actively engaged on the ground (impossible in conventional footwear), let alone walk or run. This exciting shoe helps educate the transition back to strong feet and pain-free movement.”

Wearable smart technology is the next big step for healthy and efficient exercise. Expect much more of this kind of tech this week during the Consumer Electronics Show.

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