Barnacle action cams are the sleek GoPro alternatives you’ll barely notice

The GoPro is the go-to action camera for amateur and professional filmmakers alike. However, if you want to get eye level shots, and you mount it on your head, it does make you look like an old-timey doctor. A new camera is stepping into the action cam arena that doesn’t have that effect. It’s called the Barnacle, and with good reason.

The Barnacle weighs only 50 grams. Since it’s so light, all you need is the adhesive of your choice and you’re good to go. A strip of Velcro or double-sided tape is way cheaper than a mount and easier to manage.

That said, it does have a mount adapter so you can use it with standard screw mounts, or even GoPro mounts, so you can swivel, pan, and tilt your shots. But those who just need a helmet, shoulder, or dash cam can use the Barnacle as is; just stick it and go. Take a look at this video to see some pretty awesome Barnacle action footage.

The features don’t entirely match up to a GoPro, however — not yet, anyway. Like a GoPro, the Barnacle can record two hours straight of full HD, use motion activation, and has a built-in microphone. It charges up in two and a half hours via Mini USB. With the wide lens it has decent low-light performance. However, unlike GoPros, it doesn’t have a built in screen so you can’t view your shots on the camera itself.

barnacle camera

It doesn’t capture all the same frame rates as the high-end GoPros either, but it does record in both AVI and MOV. Barnacle doesn’t have WiFi or Bluetooth, but GoPro only works with MicroSD cards up to 64GB, while the Barnacle can use up to 128.

Mounts and WiFi are on the to-do list, and Barnacle’s software can be upgraded. TRinnovations, the team behind the Barnacle, has their eye on an app. If you want other features, all you need to do is ask. For now, be content with the ABS plastic casing, a standout feature in case you want a camera you can run over with your motorcycle. In addition, the Barnacle comes in a tin that you can use to store the cam and the cords, instead of a cardboard box. The unit itself is sealed against the elements; it’s splash resistant, and a waterproof casing is on the Barnacle agenda.

It’s up on Indiegogo until July 26, but fear not, there are worse odds out there: the Barnacle uses an existing PCB and lenses. The internals are already CE tested and approved, only the housing and the mount still need approval. They’re seeking just under $19,500. $112 gets you a Barnacle. They plan to ship by September.

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