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New Instagram trend may inspire you to take your cat on next camping trip

camping with cats trending instagram
We have all seen social media hashtags start some pretty fun trends over the years, like #followmeto and #instagramhusband. Now, a new trend may have you cat lovers out there purring like your feline friends, and it’s called #campingwithcats.

Ryan Carter has a history of camping with his pet companions, which he documented with his camping with dogs account on Instagram. But he has since moved on from man’s best friend with his Camping with Cats account (via Bored Panda), which is now inspiring many to take to the great outdoors with their feline companions.

#cathaiku Human said say cheese. Yet, I don't see any cheese. I have been deceived. #campingwithcats @quinnjenkinson

A photo posted by Camping With Cats (@campingwithcats) on

When the hashtag was first started, it really only saw use from Carter and a handful of other creators, but has since ballooned, with more than 7,000 people contributing to the #campingwithcats hashtag on Instagram. There is even an entire website set up featuring content and merchandise related to the growing Instagram phenomenon.

Interested in taking your cat out with you on your next outdoor adventure? Well, unless you want to end up with a lost cat in the middle of nowhere, we suggest taking a look at the guide that was prepared by the crew over at Adventure Cats. It’s not as simple as taking a dog, but not as complicated as you might think, either. Plus, as you can see, one trip can give you plenty of ammunition for your growing Instagram personality.

#cathaiku Keep rowing, human. We must reach the shore by dusk. Lest you're thrown over. #campingwithcats @kayvdr

A photo posted by Camping With Cats (@campingwithcats) on

Another clear advantage to taking your feline with you? Not having to coordinate with unreliable friends, neighbors, or family to come feed your cat. Just read the guide, make sure you have the necessary gear, and off you go. No more worrying about if your feline friends were fed, or coming home to half-starved and very irritated kitties.

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