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Cosyspeed launches an outdoor version of its popular hip bag

EN – CAMSLINGER Outdoor on Indiegogo
The company that helps photographers to shoot from the hip is now aiming to keep gear protected outdoors — The Cosyspeed Camslinger Outdoors is an active, waterproof bag designed to incorporate the same one-hand, one-second concept as the company’s earlier bags.

Now funding on Indiegogo, the Camslinger Outdoor is worn around either a belt or a shoulder strap. Like the earlier versions, the bag is designed to sit at the hip. A magnetic clasp allows easy access with one hand — Cosyspeed says that means gear is accessible almost as quickly as with a sling strap, but with the added protection of a hip bag.

While the wear style is similar to the company’s earlier bag — also funded on Indiegogo in 2015 — the Camslinger Outdoor is constructed with waterproof nylon and is designed for outdoor use. A rain cover is built in, tucking away at the bottom of the bag when not in use. The magnetic clasp also uses a new design that makes the bag easy to open, yet safely locks in place when not in use, Cosyspeed says.

The bag also has additional loops to secure it around one leg — the company says this extra feature is ideal for preventing gear from bouncing around during active shoots, such as while horseback riding. The bag can also be attached to a backpack with similar straps at the top of the bag.

The bag is designed to accommodate a mirrorless camera with a lens attached, or up to mid-sized DSLRs. Measuring 7.5 inches wide and 3.7 inches tall, the Camslinger’s depth adjusts from 3.7 to 4.3 inches thanks to an adjustable back.

The Indiegogo campaign offers the bag in blue and gray starting at $69, with a green version only available if the campaign reaches a $25,000 stretch goal. A special edition version is available only through the Indiegogo campaign. The S. Weisner Edition, named after the photographer and climber Stephan Wiesner, who supported the bag’s development, will donate an additional $20 built into the price to Burundikids, an organization assisting young refugees and homeless children in Burundi, Africa.

The crowdfunding campaign has already met three quarters of its goal, with two months left to raise about $3,000. If the crowdfunding is successful, the bag will ship in May 2017.

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