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C-Log comes to the Canon 5D Mark IV DSLR camer as a $99 add-on

canon 5d mark iv c log camera
Canon on Thursday officially announced that a long-rumored feature will be coming to the EOS 5D Mark IV camera: Canon Log.

Usually styled as C-Log, the logarithmic gamma curve increases how much dynamic range can be captured in compressed video, giving colorists better control in grading. C-Log allows the 5D Mark IV to slot in alongside any of Canon’s Cinema EOS cameras, or to be used on its own, as in a cinema environment. It also helps the 5D Mark IV stay competitive with Sony and Panasonic, who have offered log profiles on some of their mirrorless cameras for years now.

C-Log will work in all of the 5D Mark IV’s video modes, including 4K and high framerate HD. Unfortunately, the firmware update isn’t something 5D Mark IV owners will be able to install themselves, nor will it be free. Instead, users must send their cameras to a Canon service center and pay $99 to have the feature installed. The upgrade service will be available in July, and new 5D Mark IVs with C-Log preinstalled will also be available at that time for $3,599.

Canon announced another product and another feature going into the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) show this weekend. The first is a video-specific version of the company’s 70-200mm f/4, the Compact-Servo 70-200mm T4.4. Just the second lens in Canon’s Compact-Servo line, it incorporates a built-in servo motor for smooth zooming. It also features image stabilization and auto iris control (two features not commonly found on cinema lenses). The $499 ZSG-C10 accessory handgrip can also be attached to add camcorder-like ergonomics, including a rocker switch to control zoom. Canon has not yet announced pricing, but the lens should be available later this year.

Finally, Canon’s professional 4K monitors are receiving firmware updates to improve interoperability with some cameras, including Arri cinema cams, and work better with high dynamic range (HDR) footage.

NAB show attendees can see the new features and products on display in the Canon booth.

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