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Corel’s Pinnacle Studio video editor gets a boost with 360 compatibility

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Corel’s advanced video editor is getting an upgrade with 360 support. On Thursday, the software company announced Pinnacle Studio 20.5 Ultimate. The update adds a number of new features to the program, designed for pro-level edits with a simpler streamlined workflow.

The software now supports 360-video editing without prior conversion. Footage from fisheye and dual fisheye cameras can be edited with the platform’s variety of effects and filters. Unique to 360 content, users can now also set a path in the video, converting the format for a TV by choosing which portion of the 360 shot the viewer is seeing and when.

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Along with the 360 update, users can also now put multiple video streams into one screen with the new Split Screen feature. Templates allow for easy organization of multiple shots or the split can be customized.

“We know our users like to push creative boundaries to make movies that truly stand out from the crowd. Whether you’re looking to showcase a recent vacation in a unique way, create an immersive 360 video, or promote your products online, Pinnacle Studio 20.5 Ultimate offers the power you need to bring your vision to life,” said Michel Yavercovski, the senior director of product management for Pinnacle.

The update also allows users to create their own templates, making it easy to sync the look of multiple videos without starting with a template that’s commonly used. Projects can be saved as templates so similar videos don’t need to be started from scratch. The feature is ideal for creating a video series or creating a similar look to marketing videos, Corel says.

The update adds a ‘.5’ to the earlier Pinnacle Studio 20 and it is free for current users of the Pinnacle Studio 20. For new users, Pinnacle Studio 20.5 lists for $99, while scaled back versions with a few features missing, including the 360 video edits, range from $50 to $80.

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