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Facebook live users will soon be able to add custom intros in a separate app

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Videos are expected to make up 74 percent of online traffic by the end of 2017 and Facebook is continuing to push the medium by launching a new app dedicated to creating videos. The app, which has yet to be named, was teased during VidCon, with Facebook sharing that the app is under development with a release expected before the end of the year.

The app is designed specifically for the creators behind Facebook videos and not as another viewing platform. The app is expected to include exclusive tools within Facebook Live, including the ability to add intros and ending outros. App users can also design custom frames and stickers, allowing viewers to use them during the live broadcast.

Along with expanding on features for actually creating the video, the upcoming app is also expected to include more analytical data that reveals more about who is watching the video and how. Facebook says the app will have a Community tab for connecting with followers.

The announcement is just one of the ways the social media platform is pushing video as the medium continues to grow. Along with focusing on adding features for live-streaming, Facebook has entered several agreements for original shows. Reports indicate that Facebook is testing new categories for the recent video tab in the app, while the platform is also reported to be testing the ability to download videos. Facebook also launched a video-focused app for Samsung smart TVs and Apple TV earlier this year.

The upcoming video app has several things in common with Facebook Mentions, a separate app for verified public profiles, including journalists and celebrities. Like Facebook Mentions, the upcoming video app is not designed for every Facebook user but geared toward the content creator with more analytics and features. Facebook originally launched live video capability inside the Mentions app before making the feature universally available.

Separating video creation tools into an entirely different app is an interesting move, but one that could gain traction with enough unique tools. Since Twitter launched the ability to go live without the Periscope app, users have questioned if Periscope would continue to stick around or become part of the Twitter app completely. With enough distinct features, the app could potentially encourage more — or perhaps better — videos on Facebook.

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