Flytecam action cam aims to challenge GoPro for rugged-camera supremacy


Anyone who’s crazy enough to strap a camera to their heads while they tumble out of a plane 3,000 feet above the earth is probably too focused to put much thought into what type of camera is best suited for their thrill-seeking spirit. GoPro’s been leading the pack with its impressive mountable devices, but that doesn’t mean its the only option out there. Some companies, like Flyte Tech, are taking aim at knocking GoPro off its pedestal.

Flytecam is one such device. The 1080p point-of-view (POV) video camera encapsulated in a ruggedized, rubberized, and waterproof casing attaches via the “Flytemount,” which makes use of rubber teeth and neodymium magnets to ensure a safe, secure mount. It’s capable of treading water approximately 3 meters down. Its specs roam somewhere in the middle if you’re comparing them to GoPro’s line of products. The Flytecam  features a 120-degree lens, and is capable of shooting 60fps in slow motion at 720p. 

Available in four colors (green, blue, pink, and silver), pre-orders for should begin soon. No word on a potential release date or a price point so far, however. The current starting price for a base model GoPro camera sits around $200. The creators of Flytecam did specify that they crafted the device because they couldn’t find a product that they really wanted and could afford. If that’s true, we should expect the Flytecam to slide in under the $200 price point, especially if it wants to compete with the GoPro.