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Fotodiox's pop can-sized Fresnel light doesn't get hot to the touch

fotodiox popspot fresnel light fotodioxpopspot
Frensel continuous lights allow photographers and videographers to control how the light falls, but they tend to be bulky and most run hot. Lighting and accessory company Fotodiox Pro, however, is reimagining the Fresnel with an LED the size of a soda can that runs cool.

Announced on Wednesday, the PopSpot Focusable Fresnel, like traditional Fresnels, uses a lens that allows for greater control over the angle of the light, adjusting to change the spread from a narrow spotlight to wider coverage. While the PopSpot still has that traditional focusing lens, it’s smaller and more portable than most, expanding the light’s use to even on-site photography.

“The problem with most Fresnel lights is they’re typically quite bulky, heavy and fragile, and they get screaming hot to the touch,” Bohus Blahut, marketing director for Fotodiox Pro, said in a press release. “But our new PopSpot Focusable Fresnel does away with those pitfalls by combining power and control in a form factor about the size of a pop can.”

The spread of the light adjusts from about 25 to 55 degrees and included barn doors offer additional control over both the way the light falls and the light’s shape. A slot accepts filters to adjust the white balance of the light, which normally runs around 5,600 kelvins, similar to daylight.

The light will be sold in three different variations: An AC powered light, a battery option, and a three-light kit. On battery, the light runs for about an hour and twenty minutes at full power or nearly four hours at half power.

The base model retails for about $275 while the battery-powered option hits nearly $400. The light includes a ballhead-style mount along with the removable barn doors, a tungsten filter, the power adapter, and a carrying case.

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