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Fujifilm Announces Five Stylish Cameras

Fujifilm has taken the wraps off five new digital cameras, ranging from entry level FinePix snappers and the 7.2 megapixel style-oriented FinePix Z10fd to the 8 megapixel FinePix S8000fd superzoom and the 12 megapixel F50fd.

First up, the Fujifilm FinePix Z10fd aims at style-conscious buyers, offering 7.2 megapixel resolution, 2.6-inch LCD display, 54 MB of internal memory (also SD/SDHC/xD card storage), and a sleek profile available in five fashion-friendly colors (black, blue, green, orange, and pink). The Z10fd features face detection technology which can identify and adjust sensitivity for up to 10 faces in a frame (the camera can manage up to ISO 1600). The Z10fd also offers an intelligent flash technology which adjusts its intensity based on available lighting, and can take two shots in rapid-fire fashion (one with flash, one without) so users can choose which image looks best. The most buzz-worthy feature of the Z10fd is probably a new Blog mode, which provides for in-camera resizing images down to 640 by 480 (or 320 by 240) for easy posting to blogs, online auction sites, and other Internet services. The Z10fd should ship in September for $199.95; Fujifilm is so psyched about its new "Z-Lifestyle" products its launching a new Web site to promote them as of August 1.

Next up, FujiFilm is offering first-time digital camera buyers the new 9 megapixel FinePix A920 and the 8.2 megapixel FinePix F480. Each camera offers a 2.7-inch LCD display, a 4× optical zoom, and image stabilization technology to cut back on shots blurred by hand-shake or other vibration; both cameras can also record QVGA resolution video at 30 frames per second with audio. The A920 offers s streamlined, icon-based interface with one-touch access to pre-configured scene modes, and stores images to SD/SDHC/xD cards, while the F480 only uses xD storage. Both cameras should debut in September, with the F480 carrying a suggested price of $179.95, and the A920 going for $199.95.

Folks looking for long-zoom capabilities might check out the FinePix S8000fd, an SLR-styled camera offering 8 megapixel resolution, 2.5-inch LCD display, and a 27mm–486mm equivalent lens and an 18× wide optical zoom. The S8000fd combines both mechanical and digital image stabilization, and the camera also sports Fujifilm’s face detection technology and intelligent flash. And, in keeping with its SLR appearance, it also offers access to a plethora of settings, full manual controls, and multiple burst modes—and sports sensitivities down to ISO 6400 at half resolution. Expect to see the S8000fd in September for $399.95.

Finally, at the top end, the new FinePix F50fd is an option for users looking for some of the high-end features of the S800fd in a less photo nerd-compatible package. The F50fd offers a 12 megapixel resolution, a 3× optical zoom, and a 2.7-inch LCD display with Fujifilm’s dual image stabilization (mechanical and digital), ISO sensitivity down to 6400, and "Face Detection 2.0" technology which can handle profiles and sports automatic red-eye removal. The F50fd also sports that auto-resizing Blog mode, stores images to SD/SDHC/xD media, and can be used underwater with an optional waterproof case. Expect it in September for $299.95.

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