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Fujifilm launches three new broadcast lenses for big zoom in 4K

The first 4K-compatible broadcast lens series is expanding. On Thursday, Fujifilm announced three new lenses for the UA series of broadcast lenses.

The latest three lenses, the UA 18×5.5, UA 14×4.5 and UA 27×6.5 deliver quality designed to match up with the resolution of 4K cameras through a design that prevents degradation at high resolutions, as well as controlling for aberration errors. All three also use nine-blade apertures for more natural bokeh. With the announcement, Fujifilm’s 4K broadcast lenses now total seven different options.

The Fujinon UA 18×5.5 is slated for release at the end of April, offering a 5.5mm to 100mm zoom range for 4K broadcast cameras. The UA 14×4.5 covers a 4.5-63mm focal range and is also slated for an April release. Set to follow in June, the UA 27×6.5 offers a 27-times zoom, from 6.5mm to 180mm. That third option will also have a built-in extender, which can expand the lens’ range up to 360mm.

All three lenses are designed for portability to pair with lightweight 4K camcorders, designed for broadcast cameras that are commonly carried on the videographer’s shoulder. The 5.5-100mm lens weighs about 4.5 pounds while the 4.5mm zoom only measures just over nine inches itself.

Designed for TV, Fujifilm first launched the 4K compatible series in 2015. Since then, demand for 4K has only continued to grow, the company says. Live sporting events throughout Japan, Europe, and North America have pushed the growth of 4K broadcast cameras, alongside their use in dramas, documentaries, and studios.

“Fujinon lenses by Fujifilm are known for high-quality eloquent images, and have been used in the production of movies, TV programs and commercials around the world,” the announcement reads. “Fujifilm will continue to tap into its optical, high precision forming and assembling technologies that have been nurtured over many years in the field of cutting-edge video expression, to further expand and enhance its product lineup, thereby addressing the diversifying needs of broadcast production.”

Pricing details have not yet been released.

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