Get larger instant prints with Fujifilm’s Instax Wide 300

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Instant film is having somewhat of a renaissance. Fujifilm, the only big manufacturer that still makes instant film cameras and instant film, has been growing its Instax series to meet this renewed interest. The latest is the Instax Wide 300, which uses large-format (86 x 108mm) Instax film.


The Wide 300 is a redesigned version of a previous Instax Wide camera, now using a retro design scheme similar to that of the Instax Mini 90. There’s an optical viewfinder (after all, it’s an analog camera, so don’t expect a Live View display); a ring dial around the lens that sets focus zones; auto exposure; a tripod socket; an electronic flash with auto light level adjustments; and an adapter for macro shooting. Fujifilm calls it an instant camera for professionals and enthusiasts.

The Instax Wide film, as the name would suggest, is twice the size of regular Instax Mini film. It allows for 62 x 99mm picture sizes. As Fujifilm puts it, the Wide 300 is “ideally suited for fashion photography, group shots at parties and events, landscape scenes, as well as many practical business applications including insurance, law enforcement and record keeping.”

The Wide 300 will go on sale in the spring of 2015 for $130. Film, which comes in a 20-print pack, retail for $32.

In other Instax news, the Instax Mini 8 will come in two additional colors, raspberry and grape. The Instax Mini 90, which has a double-exposure shooting mode, is now available in a brown-and-silver design. The Mini 8 sells for $100, and the Mini 90 sells for $200; both will also be available in the spring of 2015. Film packs (20 in one pack) costs $20.

(Above, from left to right, are the Instax Mini 8 in grape and raspberry colors, and the Instax Mini 90 in a brown-and-silver design.)

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