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Don’t just record the action with a GoPro, broadcast it live with Periscope

GoPro Hero4 Silver front full
You can now broadcast live from your GoPro Hero4 Black or Silver camera, thanks to a new integration with Periscope on iOS. Now, instead of filming your action scenes (or whatever you use your GoPro for) and posting the result on YouTube later, you can broadcast to the Periscope community as it happens.

With Periscope linked to a GoPro, users can switch between an iPhone camera and the higher resolution, better sensor, and wider lens of a Hero4. The unique function with this setup is that it allows you to use a two-camera shot for “more dynamic storytelling in real time,” GoPro says. At the same time, the GoPro footage is recorded onto an SD card, allowing you to use the footage later.

Since Twitter owns Periscope, there’s a tie-in with the social network as well. “Live broadcasts from GoPro can now be shared directly to Twitter’s home timeline, enabling GoPro users and Periscope broadcasters to expand their reach to their Twitter fan base,” GoPro says, in a release. “This helps broadcasters cultivate new fans and interact with their audience right from their broadcasts in their home timeline, even after the live broadcast is done.”

For now, the live-broadcast support, as mentioned, only works with the Hero4 Black or Silver models, and with Periscope running on the iPhone 5S or higher, on iOS 8.2. But viewers can watch the live broadcasts via Periscope on any platform. According to Gizmodo, the stream will be limited to 720p at 30p.

To launch the new feature, GoPro will be broadcasting live on Periscope from the X Games, kicking off on January 27. This isn’t the first time GoPro has integrated live-broadcasting support into its camera. Last year, GoPro and the National Hockey League partnered to provide live broadcasting from the players’ points of view (although that required more professional broadcasting equipment), and a Periscope competitor, Meerkat, added live-stream integration with a Hero3 camera.

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