GoPro attached to car wheel turns city lights into a fun kaleidoscope

The beauty of GoPro cameras is twofold. One, they are small and durable enough that you can pretty much attach them to anywhere. Two, they’re reasonably inexpensive that, should one get damaged, it doesn’t cost much to replace. That may be what Ryan Fox had in mind when he attached a GoPro cam to one of the wheels of his car, using nothing but duct tape.

The video Fox created starts off with a tilted standstill shot of the street. Once the car starts moving, at night, the video then changes into a spinning kaleidoscope generated from the lights and turning of the wheel. There’s no trippy music to go along with the equally trippy footage: the GoPro captures the noise from what a spinning wheel on a car sounds like (if you ever wondered). The mesmerizing video, called “Sketch Three: Avant-Garde (R.P.M. 2),” then ends unceremoniously with Fox stopping at a gas station to refuel.

(Via The Next Web)