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GoPro shows you what kayaking off a waterfall looks like, from 4 gnarly angles

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When we profiled adventure sports photographer Lucas Gilman, one of the activities he shoots is extreme kayaking off a waterfall. While most of us will never find ourselves in such a situation, to get an idea of what it’d be like to partake in such a thrill, a kayaker named Dane Jackson shot a first-person video of himself going over a 60-foot waterfall in Mexico, with a GoPro Hero3+ camcorder. 

The video, made by GoPro, shows what it takes to kayak off a waterfall, from beginning to end. We see Jackson and crew scaling the cliff, with kayak in tow. From there, we see Jackson going over the La Tomata waterfall from different angles: from above, behind, in front, and from Jackson’s point of view.GoPro says all the shots in the minute-long video were recorded with Hero3+ camcorders. It may be a marketing stunt, but you have to give it to GoPro for making some awesome footage with its gear.

(Via PetaPixel)

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