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A squirrel stole a GoPro, took it up a tree, and you can watch it all POV

Squirrel take GoPro and gives best POV EVER!!!
We’ve already had an eagle grabbing a camera for a cross-country adventure, a grizzly bear getting up close and personal with a GoPro, and an elephant nabbing a tourist’s camera for a quick “elphie.”

Squirrels, too, have proved themselves to be rather clever when it comes to handling photographic devices, though the impressive quality of this latest video (above) suggests they’ve recently been attending evening classes to further refine their skills.

The GoPro camera that shot the sequence belongs to Canada-based YouTuber Viva Frei. Despite the action camera looking nothing like a nut, Frei had an inkling that the bushy-tailed creature would nevertheless find it hard to resist. And he was right.

Visiting a nearby park frequented by the animal, Frei put the GoPro in record mode, placed it on the ground, and slowly backed away.

Sure enough, along came a curious squirrel, who, after giving the device a quick once over to confirm its safety, picked it up and scurried off.

What follows is a delightful point-of-view sequence of a member of the animal kingdom not only effortlessly scaling a tree, but also scampering carefree among its abundant foliage. All while holding a camera. Though at the end it tumbles to the ground (the camera, not the squirrel).

Whether it was pure luck that the camera lens was pointing directly in front of the squirrel or deliberate handling on the part of the furry creature is hard to say, but the results could hardly have turned out better.

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