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Itching for medium format? Hasselblad launches an official online store

Hasselblad Store
Buying a $20,000 camera is a bit like buying a $20,000 car — easier to do in person than online. That’s changing quickly, however, as Hasselblad on Thursday, November 30 announced the launch of the ecommerce Hasselblad Store. Open to photographers in the U.S., China, U.K., Germany, and France, the new platform allows users to buy directly from the manufacturer online.

“The launch of the Hasselblad Store is one of our core initiatives derived from our strategy that focuses on not only making our products more accessible to photographers seeking hands-on experience with the Hasselblad product lineup, but also to inspire fans with great images and stories,” Bronius Rudnickas, Hasselblad marketing manager, said in a press release.

While you could pick up Hasselblad’s mirrorless X1D-50c for around $9,000 from B&H Photo or Amazon, the Hasselblad Stories is the first time photographers have had the option to buy directly from the manufacturer online. Along with selling the new medium format mirrorless and H system, the online store also sells digital backs, aerial cameras, and scanners, as well as spare parts.

Photographers looking for a more affordable medium format can also access the company’s list of available certified pre-owned cameras and lenses. The system rates each camera’s condition, and buyers get a six-month warranty for buying certified used gear or can purchase an additional extended warranty.

To celebrate the store’s official launch, Hasselblad is offering a five-percent discount on the X1D as well as the XCD 45mm and 90mm lenses. The company says that purchases of an H6D-50c or H6D-100c camera will include a hard case at no extra charge. Both offers end on December 7.

The launch of the store comes after the medium format camera giant launched a rental program earlier this month, allowing photographers who couldn’t otherwise afford medium format to have temporary access to the camera system for a specific project.

Based in Sweden, Hasselblad is the largest manufacturer of medium format cameras and lenses. The company was founded in 1941 and last year launched the first mirrorless medium format camera as well as the all-electronic H6D. Hasselblad was also the first to launch a fully integrated CMOS medium format.

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