Imgur makes it easy to repost memes with new embed code option

imgur makes it easy to repost memes with new embed code option 2
There’s a new way to share images from Imgur to your blog or website instead of downloading them and reposting. Imgur now lets you embed images using a line of HTML code, similar to what other social networking sites offer. Unlike the download-and-upload method, embedding an image includes attribution, which gives credit to the photo’s owner.

The embed link not only makes it way quicker to share an image, but it also acknowledges the copyright, which is something not everyone does when they download an image and repost. “The publisher gets to display the awesome content and the creator get the proper attribution they deserve,” says Imgur Product Manager Chris Gallello in a statement. (You can still download images to your computer.)


Grabbing the link is easy. Beneath the photo is a “Post Options” menu, and choosing the “Embed Post” option will display the HTML code, which you can copy and paste into a blog post or website (see image above). You can choose to display or hide details like title, number of views, and number of comments. This process also removes the need to re-host an image.

Imgur says the embed link is designed for mobile, so embedded images will scale to whatever device it’s being used to view.

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