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Lightroom, meet WordPress: Plug-in enables simplified photo uploads

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One of the most popular RAW photo editors can now directly upload to the most popular blogging platform — last week Automattic, the software company behind,  released a new plug-in that allows WordPress users to upload images without leaving Lightroom.

The new plug-in, besides shaving a few minutes off logging in and manually uploading photos, will also import any titles, captions, and keywords added inside Lightroom into the online file inside WordPress.

According to Automattic, once the plug-in is installed, users will be asked to log in to their account. After the initial login, users can simply use the export button inside Lightroom and choose the blog from the list of options at the top of the export screen in the “Export to” dropdown menu. A second WordPress menu on the export screen allows you to choose which WordPress site to upload to, if you have more than one under the same account. All of the Lightroom options like resizing, adding watermarks, and choosing what metadata to keep intact are still available when exporting directly to WordPress.

Once the export is complete, the images will pop up in the WordPress media library, and will be available to add to blog posts, portfolios, and galleries.

The free plug-in works with, and users can also use the plug-in if thy have Jetpack installed. The download also works across both Mac and Windows platforms.

The plug-in aims to simplify photographers’ and bloggers’ workflows from editing to portfolio or blog by adding images to the WordPress media library without actually heading inside WordPress. While the plug-in doesn’t allow users to post those photos from Lightroom, the plug-in could potentially speed up the process by making it simple to upload photos as they’re finalized.

The new official plug-in for Lightroom is free to download directly from Automattic.

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