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Manfrotto aims for sleek and discreet with new camera bags

manfrotto adds new advanced andstreet bags
Manfrotto’s slim and sleek Advanced and Street bags for compact camera systems just got an upgrade. The latest options continue on Manfrotto’s previous choices with enhanced designs for easy access to mirrorless gear.

The update includes five new bags: two backpacks, the Advanced Compact 1 and Street CSC; and three single-strap bags, the Street CSC Messenger, the Advanced Compact 1 Shoulder Bag, and the Street CSC Shoulder Bag. All five options are designed to be both durable and lightweight, according to Manfrotto. While the Advanced Line uses a more traditional black, the Street options help to better disguise pricey gear with a green exterior and camouflaged interior.

The new backpacks are designed for quick access. Both split packs offer access to the body and up to three lenses from the top of the pack, so it’s easy to swing the bag around to the front and pull out the gear, where the previous Street backpacks had the design flipped with the gear on the bottom. In both new bags, the zipper is also designed to be more discreet. Both backpacks convert into a regular bag by removing the padded insert and both also feature tripod attachments.

The Street CSC Messenger can carry just as many lenses, though a smaller 9.7-inch iPad Pro instead of the backpack’s 12.9-inch tablet pocket. The bag stashes away accessories in several smaller pocket and uses a well-padded shoulder strap for comfort toting all that gear, Manfrotto says.

The Advanced Compact 1 and Street SCS shoulder bags are the smallest of the bunch, carrying a mirrorless with two lenses. Front flaps gives wearers easy access to their gear, the company says.

The new bags are designed for mirrorless camera systems and Manfrotto says they’ll accommodate systems from the full frame Sony a7 series and APS-C options like Fujifilm to the smaller micro four thirds options like those from Olympus.

The Street and Advanced Shoulder Bags are affordable options at $55, with the Street Messenger retailing for $90. Both the Street and Advanced backpacks retail for $110.

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