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The ‘fastest lens in the world’ is bringing an f/0.95 aperture to more mounts

The ultra-bright f/0.95 50mm lens from Meyer Optik-Gorlitz is getting a refresh. This time, more photographers will be able to use what the company claims is the fastest lens in the world. On Tuesday, March 28, Meyer Optik launched pre-orders for the Nocturnus 50/f0.95 III with an updated design and mounts for Fujifilm X and Leica M along with the previously available Sony E mount.

The lens’ crazy-bright f/0.95 aperture is created through a 15 blade iris made from steel. The company says that despite that wide aperture, the lens offers a high degree of sharpness when focused. That mix, according to the company, creates “dream-like bokeh” with unique colors and shapes. The wide aperture makes the lens particularly helpful in low light, Meyer Optik said.

Photographers will have to nab that focus inside a narrow depth of field with a fully manual lens. That focus ring operates quietly, however, alongside the quiet clickless aperture ring. The aperture ranges from that bright f/0.95 to an f/11 at the narrowest, while the 50mm-focal length captures a 45-degree angle of view. Designed with 10 elements in seven groups, a 19.6-inch minimum focusing distance, and a 67mm-filter size round off the rest of the lens’ specifications.

The company has also brought the 2016 second-generation lens up to the current standards at the company while enhancing the lens’ exterior design. Like other Meyer Optik lenses, the third generation Nocturnus will also be made in Germany. With that high-end construction including those steel aperture blades, the lens weighs around 28 ounces.

While the design sees a handful of tweaks over the previous lens, the company is bringing that lens to more photographers with two additional mount options. Previously available for Sony full- frame bodies, the third generation will also offer a Fujifilm X and a Leica M mount. (The Lecia M mount requires focusing with the live view because of a lack of rangefinder coupling support.)

The German lens company relaunched in 2014 to bring vintage-inspired lenses to modern camera mounts. Like the Somnium lens launched in February, Meyer Optik is taking their own pre-orders rather than running a Kickstarter campaign like earlier lenses. At retail, the lens is expected to list for $2,999. Pre-order sales are available for $1,799 but that price is limited to another 100 orders. The lens is expected to begin shipping in August.

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