OK Go get messy in zero G for their latest must-watch video

Even if you aren’t a fan of OK Go’s music, you can’t help but be amazed by the awesomely mind-boggling music videos they put out. Since the treadmill-dancing video for the song, Here It Goes Again, subsequent videos were increasingly elaborate; not only does the choreography look complex, the crazy thing is that they are all shot in one take. The band’s latest video, Upside Down & Inside Out, takes it to the next level – several thousand feet, to be exact.

With the help of Russia’s S7 Airlines, the band shot its latest video in zero gravity. The choreography sees the four members – Damian Kulash, Tim Norwind, Dan Kanopka, and Andy Ross – doing various stunts throughout the cabin. The whole thing looks computer-generated, so it’s crazy to learn that it’s all real, with no special effects employed or wires.

The band reportedly spent a year preparing for the shoot, going through the same kinds of training astronauts do. To create the video, 21 flights were made, where the band and others went through 15 periods of weightlessness, for a total of 2 hours and 15 minutes.

Unlike previous videos, Upside Down Inside Out required double takes. But to achieve the look of a single shot, all members had to stay in place when a period of zero gravity ended, and waited for the next period before picking up where they left off.

We doubt FAA regulations would have allowed the band to pull the stunts stateside, hence probably why they did it in Russia. We can only imagine how these guys will top this video.