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Ona’s new cylindrical camera bag series is inspired by vintage lens cases

Digital cameras and lenses are continually designed to look like their film predecessors — so why not make a camera bag inspired by vintage photo gear? On Wednesday, February 7, Ona Bags launched the Campbell series, a new line inspired by vintage lens cases.

All three bags in the series use a simple barrel shape reminiscent of old lens cases. The leather construction is also a nod to traditional bags, while each one also uses brass hardware and a suede-lined inner compartment. Ona says the bags are a bit different from the typical camera bags but carry a lifestyle feel.

The Campbell Crossbody is the biggest bag in the bunch, designed to fit either a lens or a camera body in the single spherical compartment. Ona says the bag fits most mirrorless cameras, as well as compact cameras and instant film cameras measuring under the bag’s 7.5-inch height and 5-inch length and depth. Designed for small essentials, the bag includes a padded wrap, which the manufacturer says can also be used to clean lenses. Unlike the smaller bags in the series, the Crossbody includes an adjustable strap for the crossbody carry the name suggests as well as a shoulder carry. The crossbody is available in a desert rose, a Sahara tan or bluestone blue-gray.

Ona, a New York-based company, is also launching two sizes of lens cases in the series. Both use just a simple zipper hardware, without a carrying strap like the crossbody bag. The small case is designed for lenses under 3 inches long, while the tall case measures 6 inches tall. Like the crossbody bag, the lens cases are constructed with Moroccan leather. The lens cases are available in the same colors as the crossbody, excluding pink.

The Campbell series isn’t the company’s first bag inspired by vintage cases. The Beacon has a similar cylindrical shape, but with a longer design that allows the bag to accommodate both a mirrorless camera body and up to four lenses, or, with the dividers removed, a tripod.

The Campbell Crossbody retails for $249, while the lens cases are $69 for the small version and $99 for the tall edition.

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