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From lenses to a tripod, this odd-shaped case is inspired by vintage lens cases

The vintage barrel-style lens case is back. On Monday, Ona announced two new photography bags, including a cylindrical lens bag inspired by the shape of single lens cases. The Beacon lens bag, along with a mirrorless leather street camera bag and a leather camera wrist strap, is expected to hit shelves within the next few weeks.

The Beacon’s shape is inspired by the silhouette of vintage lens cases designed to hold a lens and nothing else — but Ona has put a modern spin on that case, leaving room for up to four lenses and small accessories and even a camera body. The two-opening cylindrical case, measuring 18 inches long on the exterior, can also be used to hold a compact tripod with the padded dividers removed.

While the bag was inspired by traditional lens cases, Ona says it’s a one-of-a-kind merging the classic style with modern conveniences — not too much unlike the digital camera with a retro design. The interior uses padded dividers that can be rearranged to accommodate anything from tripods to small 360-degree cameras. On the outside, the bag’s ballistic nylon keeps gear dry while leather and brass accents continue to pay homage the case’s original inspiration. The bag includes a shoulder strap. The Beacon lens case is expected to list for $149 on February 14.

Ona’s classic inspiration also extends to their new leather Bond Street, a camera bag designed for compacts, mirrorless cameras and small DSLRs. The bag is a step down to Ona’s Bowery bag, designed for smaller kits or traveling light with enough room for one to two lenses along with the camera body. Like the bag’s big sibling, the Bond Street uses a removable camera insert with padded dividers.

The Bond Street will be available in leather for $219 as well as a waxed canvas version for $129 by the end of January.

Crafted from the same leather as the Bond and Bowery bags, the Kyoto is a wrist strap for securely toting around lightweight cameras. The strap is lined with suede for comfort and uses a street key ring to attach to most cameras. Designed to hold cameras up to six pounds, the wrist strap has been tested up to 10 pounds.

The wrist strap is expected go on sale on January 30 for $49 with the Bond Street Bag, while the Beacon Lens case follows two weeks later.

Updated by Hillary Grigonis on 1/25/17 with a new ship date for the Beacon.

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