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Orlit monolight is first to offer Canon wireless compatibility out of the box

Canon shooters can now get a monolight that works wirelessly with Canon flash systems right out of the box. On Wednesday, Adorama announced a new monolight compatible with both Nikon and Canon, along with a new Canon-compatible flash. The new Orlit monolight offers industry-first compatibility using a Canon flash as a trigger, while the new Canon-only flash enters the market as a budget alternative.

According to Adorama, the Orlit Rovelight RT 610 TTL Wireless Monolight is the first monolight that ships with Canon’s RT radio system built in. While the light’s Canon radio system is an industry first and can use the Canon 600EX-RT as a trigger master light, the monolight also works with Nikon systems using a transceiver.

The 600ws monolight uses a 20 watt LED modeling lamp, with a 3200K tungsten color temperature. The light is rated to 201 feet at ISO 100 and adjusts from full power down to 1/256.  Using the light’s high-speed mode, the camera can sync with shutter speeds up to 1/8,000. Powered by batteries, the light can be used on site as well as in the studio.


Besides compatibility with the Canon flash, the monolight can be triggered with the Orlit TR-611C TTL Transceiver for Canon systems or the TR-612N TTL for Nikon, with both offering a wireless control range of up to 980 feet. Adorama says operating the light is simple through the full-color LCD display, while a USB port allows the light to receive firmware updates.

Along with the monolight, the list of new announcements also includes the Orlit TR-600C Speedlite, a hotshoe flash compatible with Canon systems. The speedlight is also compatible with Canon’s wireless system and can act as a master, controlling up to five other lights, or can be triggered by another light or transceiver.

The flash head is rated to 160 feet at ISO 100 and a 200mm zoom. The TTL system means the light can be adjusted automatically or manually, while the tilt head rotates 180 degrees and tilts up to 90.

Adorama is set to be the exclusive retailer for the Orlit line, with pre-orders already live and the latest equipment shipping in February. The monolight retails for $700, the flash for $170, and both transceivers for $70 each.

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