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Periscope lets you save streams forever using its new beta feature

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Periscope is opting into a feature already available on rival Facebook Live by allowing users to save streams forever.

Up until now, the app only allowed users the option to save their broadcasts for up to 24 hours. Those who wanted to hold on to their streams had to revert to saving them to their smartphones or uploading them onto third-party services, such as YouTube or Vimeo.

The new feature, which is currently in beta mode, finally expands upon the 24-hour option, allowing you to save broadcasts on the app for as long as you want.

You can go ahead and try out the test feature right away — all you have to do is add a #save hashtag to the title of your stream. Keep in mind that as a beta feature, the new option is still very much in its experimental phase, meaning any valuable streams should still be saved to your camera roll first, in case something should go wrong.

Periscope took to its app to further explain the upcoming updates it has in the pipeline. “We are actively building support for how your broadcasts stay on Periscope, and that includes keeping those broadcasts forever,” said a spokesperson in the live feed. “That also includes capability for some people who want their broadcasts to be deleted more quickly.”

Working on supporting broadcasts beyond 24h! Starting now, you can use our public beta by using #save in your title!

— Periscope TV (@periscopetv) May 5, 2016

The announcement seems to indicate that the new solutions will allow users more customization options tied to how long their broadcasts remain active on the app. The #save public beta is therefore a way for Periscope users to help the app build upon future tools for saving streams.

The new feature works on both iOS and Android, according to Periscope. Additionally, you can delete the saved broadcast whenever you want from your home stream. Seeing as it is currently in beta mode, the save function will change over time, as confirmed by Periscope. Meaning, it will possibly be tied to a save button or setting in the future, rather than a hashtag.

Since the arrival of Facebook Live, and the hype and genuine success that has followed it, the pressure is on Twitter’s live video counterpart to keep its momentum up. Seeing as Facebook Live has always offered the default ability to save live streams to your timeline, it seems Periscope has been left to play catch-up.

Facebook may soon return the favor by launching its rumored stand-alone camera app. If it is anywhere near as successful as Messenger, Periscope — and its parent company, Twitter — are set to have a real fight on their hands.

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