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Runner Jeff Dougherty creates hyperlapse of changing seasons using GoPro camera

Running the Seasons
Thursday is officially the first day of autumn in the Northern Hemisphere. To help celebrate the seasonal switch, we have a video for you from Jeff Dougherty, known on YouTube as The Hyperunner.

After an initial attempt to create a hyperlapse while running the Madison Marathon in Montana, Dougherty was inspired to improve and expand upon his concept.

With the help of a GoPro camera strapped to his head, Dougherty decided to capture the changes of the seasons throughout the year by running the same five-mile loop through his town. He used the integrated timelapse mode to create the video and bring it together in post-production to show what a year looks like from season to season while running the same path.

To capture the 98,366 images used in the three-and-a-half-minute hyperlapse, Dougherty had to run 159.5 miles. He went through two GoPros during that time, which captured 714GB of photos in addition to the 55GB of video he captured. The total time it took to stabilize the footage was 83 hours, according to Dougherty.

It is one of the more interesting timelapses we have come across. Not only is it from a first-person perspective, but watching the changing of the seasons while consistently moving on the same path makes for a surreal experience.

Taking Dougherty’s video a bit further, though it could be tough to complete, capturing all of the same footage using a virtual reality GoPro rig would create an experience where you could effectively run on a treadmill and look around in whatever season you prefer.

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