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Back up aerial images on the fly with Seagate and DJI’s portable hard drive

seagate dji fly drive announced mavic pro hi res copy
As camera drones increase in resolution and capabilities, pilots can quickly run out of space on their MicroSD cards — but DJI and Seagate are working together for a solution. On Sunday, Seagate announced the DJI Fly Drive, an external hard drive that allows for on-location backups and data transfers with a built-in MicroSD card slot.

Designed for backing up files on location or moving files off the SD card for a second flight, the Fly Drive uses quick transfer speeds from the integrated MicroSD card slot, rated as a UHS-II, as well as quick transfer to a computer using a USB 3.1 Type-C or Thunderbolt 3 connection. The new portable hard drive will be available in capacities up to 2TB, which is enough to store over 60 hours of 4K footage — equivalent to about 250 flights with DJI’s Mavic Pro.

The drive uses a protective bumper which tucks away the USB-C cable for packing away without the twist of cables. The Fly Drive is designed to withstand small impacts, like being bounced around in a backpack, Seagate says.

The Fly Drive is the first product to come from a partnership between the drone giant and the data storage company, announced earlier this year. By working together, the two companies are hoping to work to meet the growing data demand from UAV photographers and videographers, since a 25 minute flight shooting at 5.2K from the pro-level Inspire 2 creates a file that takes up 120GB of space.

The portable hard drive, compatible with both iOS and Windows platforms, is expected to begin shipping this summer, but is on display this week during the annual NAB Show in Las Vegas. The Fly Drive starts at $120 and also includes two free months of access to Adobe Premiere Pro CC, a $40 value.

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