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Sony’s latest mirrorless lens offers the biggest reach yet for the Master series

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Announced alongside its newest flagship full frame mirrorless on Wednesday, Sony expanded its G Master Lens series with the new 100-400mm super telephoto E-mount zoom lens, the furthest reaching lens in the series yet.

Designed for Sony’s high-end lens series, the Sony FE 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6 GM OSS is built with a fast autofocus motor as a lens that is ideal for sports and wildlife shooters, the company says. That is because the lens uses both a double linear motor and a Direct Drive SSM actuator, which works with the motor for quieter operation. The newly optimized autofocus algorithm is designed for precision work, allowing Sony’s a9 body to reach maximum performance.

Building a lens to reach from 100 to 400mm was not an easy task — the design involves 22 lens elements arranged in 16 different groups. One Super Extra-low dispersion element and two ED elements help reduce color fringing or chromatic aberration. A Nano AR coating helps eliminate reflections as well. Despite the long reach, the minimum shooting distance is 3.22 feet, making the lens capable of shooting close objects as well. Optical image stabilization is also built into the lens, which is indicated by the OSS in the name.

In yet another first for Sony, the lens also includes a torque adjustment ring, which allows photographers to adjust how fast — or how slow — the lens zooms. The lens’ controls also feature a focus hold button that can be set to control a number of different settings, such as the focus mode or Eye AF lock.

Despite being the longest reaching lens in the series, Sony says it is also one of the lightest in its class, tipping the scale at 49.3 ounces. The lens is sealed against dust and moisture, while the front element’s fluorine coating makes fingerprints as well as dust easier to remove.

While the lens is the longest in the G Master series, it is also compatible with 1.4x and 2.0x teleconverters to expand the reach up to 800mm.

As part of Sony’s high-end lens series, the lens’ price tag sits at $2,500. The lens is expected to begin shipping in July.

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